How do I know a Teacher is qualified?

The Society requires members to complete a three year (1600 hr), full time training course at a recognised training school. AUSTAT is affiliated with the international body: Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique STAT website in London. A list of qualified teachers in your area can be obtained from the AUSTAT website

Private Tuition

The content of the meeting is specific to your particular issues and advances at the pace you are comfortable with. In a similar way to learning to play an instrument, we will work toward reducing the conditions which are holding you back, or in pain.

Normal movements are used to illustrate clearly to you how you are interfering with the natural workings of your body, and using your conscious mind, you gradually re-establish contact with movements and thinking that have developed into automatic habit.

Such movements can include sitting and standing, walking, bending lunging etc. In this way your awareness can develop in a fashion which is relevant to everyday activity, rather than having to learn new exercises or stretching regimes—afterall, it is the repetitive movements you are already doing that need to be addressed…before going onto new things.

A session normally lasts 45 minutes and will also include some work on a table. This is a position very conducive to experimenting with new concepts, as you are well supported and needing less attention directed to balance etc

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Moving easily from a seated position to standing with the help of a teacher


If you require a speaker on the topic of the Alexander Technique, Paul Cook and Matt Wasley are accomplished presenters who can tailor a course for your group. Course participants will be involved in activities which are the learning medium for the Alexander Technique, making the experience memorable and valuable.

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